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Secularists at Risk. Environment. Climate Change. Rights of LGBTI. Rights of Women. Rights of the Child. Caste & Race Victims. Freedom of Belief & Non-Belief.

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Mubarak Bala, secular and human right activist in Nigeria, has been given the death sentence for blasphemy. He is now in police custody pending his appeal in higher court. There are many others languishig in jail like Mubarak Bala. Help us create awareness and appeal for prisoners of conscience all over the world.


Sapiens Foundation has organised several events and campaigns. In June 2019, it organised a lecture on the current Indian political scenario in the backdrop of the then concluded 2019 Indian general election. The organisation partnered in the September 2019 climate strikes and led the protests in Navi Mumbai, India.


Sapiens Foundation is currently spearheading a campaign, the Right to Be Secular, aimed at calling upon the United Nations to defend people irrespective of their religion, belief or non-belief, and to incorporate the rights of the non-believers in the Human Rights Declaration of 1948.

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Sapiens Foundation is a successor of organisations that were active in the social reformation movement in Maharashtra, India. It works towards creating scientific temper and free spirit of enquiry in society, and eradicating superstitions. It is also a member of Federation of Indian Rationalists Associations, an umbrella body of secularist organisations in India.

The organisation conducts events and runs campaigns under the better known banner We The Sapiens, and is headed by its Chief Executive Manoj John,who is also the World News Director of Atheist Alliance International. Sapiens Foundation was the nodal organisation that led the Global Climate Strike in Navi Mumbai in September 2019, and has been one of the key NGOs campaigning to stop climate change.

Sapiens Foundation has since grew out of India and has chapter in Lusaka, Zambia. It is part of Sapiens Global Network with representation from over 15 countries.

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