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What  We do

Sunday Sapiens works towards developing scientific mode of thinking and free spirit of enquiry in society. It also works towards eradicating superstitions. Other areas of activity are LGBT rights, environment and advocacy for separation of religion and state. We have organised several events, campaigns and base camps over the years under various banners.  

Our activities comprise organising events such as lectures and debates. We also run campaigns. 

Some of the important events and campaigns we have organised.

Weekly Secular Meet


Every Sunday 9.00 PM Pacific Time (10.30 AM IST) 



Psychology workshop on teenage problems for parents

May 2018

Jacob John
Clinical psychologist



The Science of Natural Calamity

August 2018, Navi Mumbai

Dr. Vaisakhan Tampi
Popular science writer & speaker



Political analysis in the backdrop of the then concluded Indian general election

June 2019, Navi Mumbai 

Dr. K. Arun Kumar
Political analyst & TV anchor



Global Climate Strike in Navi Mumbai

September 2019


The Right to Be Secular campaign originally initiated by Atheist Alliance International, calling upon the United Nations to defend people irrespective of their religion, belief or non-belief, and to incorporate the rights of the non-believers in the Human Rights Declaration 1948.



MG Radhakrishnan Memorial Lecture

April 2018, Mumbai 

  1. Viswanathan
    Poet and writer

Wilson Kuriakose
Literary activist

Manoj White John
Journalist & activist


Base Camp

Sunday Sapiens available executive committee get-together to brainstorm organisational expansion 

February 2021, Panjim, Goa


Key events led by our founder Manoj John under the banner of predecessor organisations.


Classroom Discussion

Understanding Anti-superstition Law

Summer of 2014, Mumbai



Is Astrology a Pseudo-science?

May 2014, Navi Mumbai

Argument: Astrology is pseudo-science
Prof. Papputty
Former president of Kerala Sasthra Sahithya Parishad

Argument: Astrology can predict life
Sri. Bijesh Menon

Dr. A.P. Jayaraman
(Chemical scientist)


Base Camp

Overnight camp on star gazing and amateur astronomy for students 

March 2015, Raigad

Camp leaders
Staff from Nehru Planetarium, Mumbai

Manoj White John



Homeopathy Vs Modern Medicine

May 2016, Navi Mumbai

Argument: Homeopathy is pseudo-science
Dr. C. Viswanathan
Orthopaedic surgeon

Argument: Homeopathy is effective
Dr. N. Sukumaran
Homeopathy practitioner

Manoj White John
Journalist & activist