Sunday Sapiens

Our Mission

Our Aims & Objectives

Sapiens Foundation is a non-profit organisation working towards the following aims and objectives. 

  • To develop scientific temper and free spirit of enquiry in society; to popularise the concepts in natural science, social sciences and other branches of human knowledge.
  • To raise awareness about atheism, agnosticism, freethought, rationalism, scepticism, philosophical materialism, secularism and humanism. 
  • To encourage and support people to attain freedom from religion and lead a life without religion. 
  • To help protect the civil rights, political rights and democratic rights of atheists and irreligious people; to help prevent exclusion, discrimination and persecution of atheists and irreligious people.  
  • To undertake practical activities, demonstrations and campaigns to eradicate superstitions, blind beliefs and occultism; to work towards eradicating social evils.  
  • To expose and debunk pseudo-sciences and educate the people about their false claims. 
  • To expose and debunk quackery, faith healing, divine intervention, prayer healing, holy water and such claims of means of treatment and cure of diseases. 
  • To create awareness about mental and physical health based on scientific understanding, and to promote healthy lifestyle and food habits; to create awareness about scientific and evidence-based modern medical system.  
  • To work towards annihilation of caste and the caste system. 
  • To create awareness about gender equality and gender justice; to fight for reproductive justice. 
  • To promote and protect human rights; to fight against human rights violations through peaceful and democratic means.  
  • To create awareness about the need to protect the environment and biological diversity; to engage in activities to protect them. 
  • To organise lectures, speeches, presentations, discussions, debates, seminars, conferences and such other programmes. 
  • To print, publish and circulate newspapers, magazines, journals, periodicals and books and to publish the same in digital media; to create, produce, distribute, broadcast, exhibit and screen audio, radio, video and motion picture productions. 
  • To commission and undertake study and research into topics which come under the Foundation’s purview. 
  • To organise workshops and courses, and provide certificates to the participants; to institute scholarships, fellowships, endowments, awards, prizes and such schemes to advance the Foundation’s aims and objects. 
  • To establish research organisations, think-tanks, study centres, academies, libraries, museums, clubs, knowledge centres, schools, colleges and such establishments. 
  • To undertake such other initiatives which are incidental, complementary or conducive to the attainment of the above aims and objects.